Large-scale investigation of fine-grained organ strucure has been technically challenging. We have developed CIM-seq, an unsupervised and high-throughput method to analyse direct physical cell interactions between every cell type in a given tissue. CIM-seq is based on RNA sequencing of incompletely dissociated cells, followed by computational deconvolution of these into their constituent cell types, and can be applied both to plate- and droplet-based sequencing mtehods.

Nathanael Andrews, Jason T. Serviss, Natalie Geyer, Agneta B. Andersson, Ewa Dzwonkowska, Iva Šutevski, Rosan Heijboer, Ninib Baryawno, Marco Gerling & Martin Enge

Nature Methods, 2021

News & Views, Nat Meth. July 16th

Precise measurements of genotype and phenotype in single cells are key to understanding complex tissues and clonal disease. We developed a method for joint genomic and mRNA-sequencing in single cells at scale, and demonstrate its application to tissues and artificially altered genomes

Vasilios Zachariadis, Huaitao Cheng, Nathanael Andrews, Martin Enge

Molecular Cell, 2020

Aging is associated with increasedtranscriptional dysregulation and loss ofidentity at the single-cell level

Martin Enge, H. Efsun Arda, Marco Mignardi, John Beausang, Rita Bottino, Seung K. Kim, Stephen R. Quake

Cell, 2017