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Cancer genomics and gene regulation

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We are hiring 1-2 talented postdoctoral scholars. Help us understand cancer evolution and gene regulation.

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Nathan Andrews successfully defends his PhD

Nathan has done important contributions to our foundational single-cell multiomics methodologies. He has moved on to a postdoc with the brilliant Neville Sanjana at the NYGC.  

Thesis published here


EMBL course in single-cell omics

We are teaching DNTR-seq in a series of wet- and computer labs at EMBL Heidelberg. November 13-18 2022

Course page here


Dosage compensation by X-chromosome upregulation

Collaboration with the Reinius lab, who applied our joint SmartSeq/ATAC-seq methods to study dosage compensation.

Published in Nature Communications


Smart3-ATAC protocol on bioRxiv

Smart3-ATAC: a highly sensitive method for joint accessibility and full-length transcriptome analysis in single cells.

Early preprint up on bioRxiv


More interaction maps!

Great News & Views piece on our recent work by Daniel E. Wagner.

Published in  Nature Methods


Single-cell interaction maps

An unsupervised method for physical cell interaction profiling of complex tissues

Published in  Nature Methods


A Highly Scalable Method for Joint Whole-Genome Sequencing and Gene-Expression Profiling of Single Cells.

Published in  Molecular Cell